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Quite Hot Imposing for Macintosh, Ver. 5, with Financing Option

Part Number QUIT-8001-M-V5-FIN
Quite Hot Imposing for Macintosh, Ver. 5, with Financing Option
Quite Hot Imposing for Macintosh, Ver. 5, with Financing Option
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Quite Hot Imposing is a stand-alone application (not an Adobe Acrobat plug-in) that allows you to integrate automated, high-speed page-imposition operations into a document-production workflow by using hot folders or by using a command-line interface. Built on the rock-solid foundations of the Quite Imposing Plus plug-in and the Adobe PDF Library, Quite Hot Imposing lets you integrate imposition functions into heavy-duty, demanding workflows.

Quite Hot Imposing was designed to be very intuitive and easy to use. You don't have to be a programmer to use Quite Hot Imposing!

(But if you ARE a programmer, you can achieve tighter integration and you can take advantage of Quite Hot Imposing's advanced features.)

Quite Hot Imposing does not rely on the Adobe Acrobat software that is, Adobe Acrobat does not have to be installed on the computer that's running Quite Hot Imposing.